2019 Recap: The year of revolution!

2019 Recap: The year of revolution!

Postby Kannkor » 15 Nov 2019, 00:14

Okay... fair enough, adding the title "the year of revolution" is likely a bit of click bait... But I'd argue, a few of the new features, such as Instance Controller, are a drastic change and step forward!

Just thought I'd recap some of the more notable changes that 2019 had for Ogre.

I'm sure at some stage, I should probably give Pork a mention. Pork has been an extremely valuable member of this community. Many of these projects he either had a direct hand in, or did entirely himself. Now that's over with, I shall go back to making fun of him.

While this was technically in 2018, it was for the expansion, so I'll include it here!
This isn't really anything overly new, I usually do a write up each year, for a guide to winning the expansion. This year we had raid strategies posted extremely early... We received many thanks even from non-botters!

That pesky Bulwark of Order - was coded very early on and made automatic.
All heroic encounters that required coding to complete, were coded.

Ogre infuse - A script that provided the ability to infuse your gear, for both infusers and plat.
Ogre Tempadorns - A script used to handle getting temp adorns on all your gear!
Ogre im - Inventory Manager - A complete inventory manager. Handles selling items, trading items, adding and pricing on broker, destroying, transmuting, salvaging, extracting, depoting of items, restocking items, and restocking your quiver.
Ogre experimentUI - Brings up a UI to experiment on mastercrafted gear. I mention this, because we're coming into a new expansion where you're probably going to have to, you know... experiment on all of your gear... again.

MCP - For Who - Provided a super easy way (checkboxes) to change what happens when you press an MCP button. For example, if you only wanted scouts to jump, you could select "Scouts Only", then press the MCP Jump button, and only scouts would jump! Click "all" again, and everyone jumps.
TravelHelper - Opens an interface that allows you to assist with travel on your group. You can select any kind of travel, such as Fast Travel, it will then provide you a list of Fast Travel options, when you select it, everyone (based on MCP -ForWho window) will travel!
Sharing is Caring - A new and simple way of sharing MCP buttons.

Ogrea Autoquest - Automation of various quests. While autoquest isn't "new", many new quests were added, including the preludes to Bloods of Luclin, and CD tradeskill line.
ogre IC - Instance Controller - This, in my opinion, is the single biggest project we worked on this year, mostly because it wasn't a single project. In order to get this project working amazing, many other projects had to be created, updated, rewritten, etc. Including but not limited to, a complete rewrite of the entire Navigation lib (ogre NavLib)... Then once that was done, it needed a major update again for more customization and control... then again to handle conflicts, and I think at least once more in there also. Sorry, getting off topic, it's automation of running heroic and solo missions, and providing them AS OPEN SOURCE! Meaning you, or anyone can change them to suit your own needs, or share them!

LGU... what? We use Innerspace, and it has a bunch of parts to it, the coding engine is called "LavishScript" and the Interface we use is called "LGUI". As you can imagine, LGUI2 is a brand new system, using entirely different layouts and what not. We spent a lot of time to learn the new layout system and added some of the new UIs as LGUI2. Including adding a LGUI2 (so the windows look nice). A nice side benefit to LGUI2, after you place a window, you can right click on the taskbar and choose "Save Window Location". This save the whole "Move a window where you want it, close it, reopen it, do a jig, turn yourself around.

Things that I couldn't think of a title for.
Event coding - There was a week where temporarily research reducers were dropping, then another week where temporarily mount reducers were dropping. Within either 24 or 48 hours of these dropping, they were coded and on development build for people to use.
ShowWikiForQuest - When questing is important and you need help, it's now 1 button click away. Clicking this MCP button will load EQ2's wiki for the quest you're currently on, in your web browser!
In-game revision history! No more visiting the wiki to see what's changed. Whenever a version you are on (Live for live, development for development), you will get an in-game window with the revision history!
Donations - Made a post about donations. It's a pretty lengthy post, so I'll let it speak for itself!

And this is a list of just the larger/notable changes. There were hundreds of other changes and updates made.
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