Raid Information - Chaos Descending

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Raid Information - Chaos Descending

Postby Kannkor » 11 Feb 2019, 11:21

Raid Strategies are below.

Understanding Resolve
Resolve is just Crit mit 2.0. Each NPC has a resolve value, lets say for example, 1500. For every 1 point you are under 1500, you will receive 1% extra damage, and you will do 1% less out going damage. A few random examples to put this into context.
NPC Resolve: 1500. Your resolve: 1450. You will take 150% damage (you normally take 100% damage, so you are taking an extra 50% more), and you are doing 50% of your normal damage. Boo on you.
NPC Resolve: 1500. Your resolve: 1375. You will take 225% damage (you normally take 100% damage, so you are taking an extra 125% more, this is MORE than double the amount). You will do 0 damage to the mob. You literally will not be able to damage the mob at all.
NPC Resolve: 1500. Your resolve: 5000. You will take 100% damage, and you are doing 100% of your normal damage. There is ZERO benefit to exceeding a resolve value, there are only NEGATIVE effects if you are under the resolve value.

Understanding Raiding Tiers
There are 8 raiding tiers this expansion, and they were seemingly designed to be as confusing as humanly possible. On a positive note, they are at least completely linear.
Here are the tiers, with their in-game designated names, in order, with the resolve on each mob, and the resolve on the gear the mob will drop.
Resolve Requirement - Resolve on armor
Raid 1: 1512 - 75
Raid 2: 1672 - 80
Raid 1 Mythic: 1797 - 85
Raid 3: 1873 - 90
Raid 2 Mythic: 2032 - 95
Raid 4: 2112 - 100
Raid 3 Mythic: 2273 - 105
Raid 4 Mythic: 2395 - 110 (assumed)

Example: You are fighting a Raid 2 Mythic mob (which is actually t5, out of the 8 tiers). You will want to have at least 2032 resolve, so you do not take any additional damage, and you are doing 100% of your damage. When he dies, he will drop armor pattern with 95 resolve, and any jewelry/weapons/etc will also have 95 resolve on them.
Note: There is an exception - Bonus loot.

Bonus Loot
Some mobs (I don't have much detail on this) have a chance of dropping what I'm calling 1 piece of 'Bonus loot'. If this bonus loot drops, it is from the tier ABOVE the mob you killed. For example, if you killed a Raid 2 mythic mob (drops 95 resolve gear) and he drops a bonus loot item, you will get a 100 resolve item from the chest. Bonus loot does NOT take place of an existing item, you get it as an additional item. Most (maybe all?) mobs drop 1 pattern plus 2 pieces of loot (not including infusers/adorns). When you get a bonus piece, you get 1 armor pattern, 2 pieces of loot for the proper tier, and 1 piece of gear from the tier above. Armor patterns can NOT drop as bonus loot.

Raid Weekly Quests
There are 3 raid weekly quests, t1, t2, and t3. Each requires 3 kills from a mob in that tier. Note: T# AND T# Mythic mobs will count towards this. This means you could kill a t1 mob, and two t1 mythic mobs to complete the raid 1 weekly.
Raid weeklies are actually useful this time around. When you finish one, you get a random piece of loot from that tier, or up to 2 tiers above it. It can be an armor pattern, a piece of armor (basically a pattern that was unpacked already without your choosing), or a piece of jewelry.
T1 raid weekly is considered t1 (drops 75 or 80 or 85 resolve gear).
T2 raid weekly is considered t2 (drops 80 or 85 or 90 resolve gear).
T3 raid weekly is considered t4 (remember, that T1 mythic is actually t3) (drops 90 or 95 or 100 resolve gear)
I want to re-iterate something here. If you get a armor pattern (that you have to unpack at the merchant) it counts for 'Armor Patterns' section below. If you get a piece of armor (already unpacked) it does NOT count towards armor patterns below.

Armor Patterns
Welcome to hell.
In order to use an armor pattern, you MUST have already used an armor pattern of the tier below. The exception, is t1 (75 resolve). It can be consumed without restriction. In short, this means you need 56 pieces of armor this expansion. Yes, Fifty fucking six.
Lets take helm for example.
Lets say you get a t1 pattern (75 resolve). You can go turn it in, and you get a 75 resolve helm. Yay!
Next, you get a t3 pattern (85 resolve). You can NOT use it, because you don't have the 80 resolve helm yet. Boo.
Lets say you kill a t7 mob (105 resolve). Unless you have a helm pattern that was used for: 75, 80, 85, 90, 95, 100, this means you can't use it... and likely will never be able to use it, unless you are EXTREMELY lucky...

So.. how to get armor?
That's a very good question, without a good answer. You will need to track every single armor pattern, every single person gets, for every single tier. You will also want to track which pieces of armor they have which came from a weekly but were NOT in a pattern. From there, you hand out gear in hopes people can complete as many tiers as possible. I always go for the biggest upgrade. For example, if someone has a 75 and 80 resolve pattern, and a 90 and 95 resolve pattern (which they can't use, because they are missing the 85 resolve pattern) and a 85 resolve pattern drops, that would net them a 15 resolve gain (going from 80, to 85-90-95). So that person would get it over someone who didn't have the 90 and 95 patterns.

Unpacked Armor?
Unpacked armor has a chance to come from raid weeklies, and honestly, this is what you want to get lucky with, especially with t3. If you happen to get a piece of armor from t3 raid weekly with 90/95/100 resolve on it, you can equip it immediately, even if you do not have the previous tiers. It does NOT count towards unlocking the next tier, but since that is not very realistic to finish this year, who cares.

Does the armor matter?
Unfortunately yes. In order to kill t6 and t8 mobs (t4 / t4 mythic respectively), you must have a black adornment slot in all 7 slots of armor, and have a black adornment in each slot (you get them from the t3 weekly). Black adornment slots are ONLY on gear with 90 resolve or higher.

So... really, how to get the armor?
I don't really have any kind of advice for this, other than keep grinding, try to not waste any timers... but ultimately, we are waiting for DBG to increase the drop rate on patterns. Which I will explain why it needs to happen shortly.

Hey, some good news! Jewelry is completely linear. There are no rules, or other oddball things going on here. You get a 100 resolve piece of jewelry, you can equip it, even if you have a 75 resolve ring currently.
"bad" news, is some jewelry is NOT itemized very well. For example, the following slots need 2 items: Charms, rings, ears, wrists. You will get about 5 times more charms than ears and wrists, and likely double the amount of rings than ears. It's annoying, but not even remotely as bad as the armor pattern situation.

Where does the armor drop?
I created a little excel sheet to track which mob drops what armor. Here is what I have come up with so far.

Slot across the top, the amount of resolve it has on the left, and where it drops in the middle.
(Mit) means it was a mitigation piece, (Both) means mit and non-mit pieces, and nothing means it's non-mitigation.

The problem with the armor drops
The biggest problem comes from R-90 drops. If you have access to contested, then Helm/Shoulders/Gloves are taken care of. Done.
That means you need chest pieces, forearms, legs, and boots.
Now, chest pieces are NOT a big deal, because last expansion ethereal BPs have a black slot, and 87.5 resolve. I'll also talk about Bps specifically after. Shoulders are in the same boat, ethereal from last expansion work fine for now.
This means we're really focused on forearms, legs, and boots. The only place these drop, are from t4 (which is t3 normal mobs). There are 3 of them in the game, and all on a 5 day lockout.
Air - Guardian, he can drop a helm (worthless because of contested), shoulders (worthless because of contested), forearms, or boots. So you have a 50% chance of not getting an usable armor pattern. That means 0.5 every 5 days, or 1 every 10 days.
Earth - Vereorgus - Legs or boots. Both needed, so 1 every 5 days, or 2 every 10 days.
Earth - Warlord - Chest (worthless - see above), forearms. So, 0.5 every 5 days, or 1 every days.
This means that assuming you never miss a single timer, you will get 4 pieces of usable 90 resolve gear, every 10 days.
Lets do some math on that. First, we are going to assume equal drop rates on all the pieces of armor (therefore my values of 0.5 are correct).
Secondly, we're going to assume you have only 24 people in your raid force. While this isn't realistic, lets go with the 'best' scenario for now.
There are 3 slots we're talking about, forearms, legs, and boots. That means 3 slots for every player, and 24 players. 3 * 24 = 72.
You can get 4 pieces every 10 days. Lets see how many times we have to run these 10 day periods.
72 pieces needed, divided by 4 pieces, is 18. This means we need 18 clears to get this armor. Each clear is 10 days, so that's 180 days. That means from the time you start clearing all 3 t3s, you have SIX MONTHS before you can go after t6 gods (t4 from the list). If you ever have to change a member out, add 10 more days every time.
This happens with t1 and t2 (75 and 80 resolve) armor also, but to a lesser extent, because there are a few more mobs, and you start getting these drops quicker than waiting for t3 mobs. However, helms for example, drop from 1 mob (air - Baltaldor) and he is on a 5 day lockout. So you need 120 days to retrofit your entire raid with t1 helms.

This is a whole new issue...
T1 BPs only come from T1 Ragrax.
T2 BPs only come from T2 Ragrax.
You can't spawn them at the same time, you have to pick which version you want to kill.
Keep in mind, you can NOT use a t2 BP without having the T1 pattern BP.
This timer is on a 3 day timer. This means you will spend 72 days doing t1 Ragrax. To turn around and do 72 days doing t2 Ragrax. You're now up to 144 days of farming for BPs.
To which, I believe 100 resolve BPs come from T3 Ragrax, so now you got another 72 days to get those, then another 72 days to get 110 resolve BPs from T4 Ragrax (again, 100 and 110 resolve BPs are just a guess they come from here, but if it's a different slot, the we're in the same boat). So you're talking 288 days of farming Ragrax, JUST to get patterns for 24 toons. That's just shy of 1 year of farming from day 1, without missing a single timer, and without replacing a single toon, to get them armor from a single mob.

How we keep track of armor:

This should be pretty clear, as there is a legend in the top left. Just duplicate this 24 times, once for each person in the raid.
This is an example of a toon whom gets all the gear first.
(For non-patterns, we usually mark down everything above it. For example, you will see a CHEST of 85 resolve NP (non-pattern). We tick off the 75/80 NP boxes also, to make it loot more clear that they don't need those non-patterns. Of course, in this example, I missed doing the same thing for the helm... oops.

Added info:
There are 3 different things going on with armor. Weekly piece of armor (not in a pattern), a pattern (from weekly or from a mob), and an unlocker.
Piece of armor: This does not count towards anything. It's a use it until you unlock other pieces.
A pattern: You can only unpack each pattern, if you have unlocked a pattern from each previous tier. For example, to unlock a t3 pattern, you need to have unpacked a t1, t2, t1 mythic piece of armor, then you can unpack the t3 piece.
An unlocker: This unlocks all previous tiers, allowing you to instantly buy the current pattern, without getting any previous tiers.
Note: You can 'stack' unlockers and patterns. For example, if you got a 90 boot unlocker, you could then use a 95 boot pattern.
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Re: Raid Information - Chaos Descending

Postby Kannkor » 11 Feb 2019, 11:22

Raid Strategies: Doomfire: The Molten Caldera [Raid/Mythic]
Raid and Mythic versions are combined into the same, since the strategies are identical, except where noted.

Tier 1: Magmaton
Strategy: Magmaton emotes something and drops a fire wall or something, you need to move away from it. They stay up for a while, so you move around.
OgreBot Specific: Campspot everyone, including tanks, and do a 'set up for'. Fight is automated.

Tier 1: Arch Mage Yozanni
Strategy: As you kill trash in the zone, and the adds on the fight, they drop gems. These gems are used to 'cure' people with uncurable curses in the fight. Every... 10 or 20% he puts 3 uncurable curses on people. These need to be cured by using the gems.
High DPS note: You will need to stop dps between curses, or you will get overwhelmed and wipe.
Leave the MT group in front of where he spawns, and move the rest around to the adds and kill them.
OgreBot Specific: Anyone with the gems, will automatically cure.

Tier 1: Pyronis
Strategy: Throughout the fight, he will emote and you need to joust reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallllllllly far away. He grows in size. Once he's done and returns to his form, he is suppose to rejoin the fight. This seems to break every once in a while (okay, a lot). So once he shrinks again, just go and fight him again.
OgreBot Specific: Campspot everyone, including tanks, and do a 'set up for'. Fight is automated. If he bugs out while jousted, just do a new set up and you will return to the starting position where he should be.

Tier 1: Jopal the Thief
Strategy: He used to be stealth, and there was some method to being able to see him, such as see stealth (NOT see invis), or being a priest, or something. For us, priests were always able to see him. I've been told, this fight has finally been nerfed, but can't confirm. It's a two part fight. I believe it's every 20% he gives someone a sniper window, and they need to get away from the raid/raid gets away from them.
Secondly, he puts curses on all priests, when all of these are cured (or fade in 60s), you gain a stack. When he re-applies the curse, you get a stack. The stacks make you take more incoming damage. Previously, when he got to 6 stacks, you were dead. This made the fight a pure DPS check. Beat him before he hit 6 stacks, or wipe. I've been told the incoming damage per stack has been reduced and you have longer now.
Drops lock picks, used on Jovann.
OgreBot Specific: Campspot everyone, including tanks, and do a 'set up for'. Fight is automated.

Tier 2: General Reparm and 2 adds
Strategy: Ignore the adds. Around 30 seconds into the fight, two adds will spawn (they are suppose to spawn in the middle of the two circles that spawn, but doesn't always seem to happen). You cannot be in the middle of the two adds, as they make some kind of fire lazer beam or something.
OgreBot Specific: Since the move only ever happens once, just move yourself, nothing is coded.

Tier 2: Pawbuster... err, I mean Javonn the Overlord
Strategy: Position him just on the grate. Make sure everyone except the tank is behind him. He will swing his (not so) mighty axe, hitting and likely killing people in front of him. Once he picks up his axe, he mem wipes. This happens around once per minute. Get aggro back. When Javonn drops under 50%, on someone who looted a lockpick from Jopal, click on the grate to unlock it. When Javonn hits 10%, as long as he hit the grate after it's been unlocked, he dies.

Tier 2: The Chancellors
Strategy: Split the raid into two. One group on one, and 3 groups on the other. Keep them 'apart', I believe 40 meters is the minimum. When each mob hits 50%, they will start healing based on how close they are to each other. You cannot modify the amount of the heal after it starts. So make sure they are 40 meters away or more. It should only be 1% every time it goes up. Throughout the fight, the person farthest away from each mob, will get an uncurable curse. They need to run to the mob to remove it. (Be smart, and make sure it's not the tanks).
Mythic: In addition to the above, every 22 seconds or so, each named will put a stack on anyone within 20 meters of them or so. Each stack reduces your potency by like 5k, and either your mana, or your max health. The one that reduces mana is especially challenging, because after a couple of stacks, it puts your mana into the negative. This wouldn't be a problem... except the tank needs to cast Bulwark of Order. Good news is, if you die, it removes the stacks.
OgreBot Specific: Person who gets the uncurable is automated.
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Re: Raid Information - Chaos Descending

Postby Kannkor » 13 Feb 2019, 21:57

Raid Strategies: Vegarlson: Upheaval [Raid/Mythic]
Raid and Mythic versions are combined into the same, since the strategies are identical, except where noted.

Tier 1: Derugoak
Strategy: None

Tier 1: Mudmyre
Strategy: None

Tier 2: Tantisala Jaggedtooth
Strategy (updated):
  • At 91 he puts a curse on every Mage in the raid.
  • At 71 he puts a curse on every Fighter in the raid.
  • At 51 he puts a curse on every Scout in the raid.
  • At 31 he puts a curse on every Mage in the raid.
  • At 11 he puts a curse on every Scout in the raid.

Strategy: At 91/71/51/31/11% he curses on the raid (see above on who). If these are not cured before they expire, you will likely wipe. It kills the group, and each death buffs on. With 6 buffs he hits EXTREMELY hard.
OgreBot Specific: You can make an MCP button to check: Type of OgreConsole with the following code:
Code: Select all
abilityready_cure curse

If you are using IRC for your raid, append IRC to the end to make it spew to IRC instead of OgreConsole.
High DPS note: You will be self targeting for 90% of this fight, as you need to wait for cure curses.

Tier 2: Sergie the Blade
Strategy: Every 10 seconds, he checks the amount of damage done during that 10 seconds, and he gains stacks based on it, up to 2000. The more stacks he has, the more outgoing damage he does.
Every.. 45 seconds or so, he will emote and do an AE around him, the AE distance is based on how many stacks he has. At 2000 stacks, it's pretty large.
OgreBot Specific: If he spawns at the door, the jousting is automated.

Tier 3: Vegerogus
Strategy: A test of healing, simply put. He puts out more DPS with his AE than any other fight in the game. If you're under resolve, prepare for a challenging fight. To reduce the incoming damage, be behind the mob, and further away. Read his buffs if you want more specific distances.

Tier 3: Warlord Gintolaken
Strategy: Two parts to this fight.
Part 1: When you engage, everyone gets an ability. Distract something. He will call out a class, such as GUARDIAN. He will only call classes in your raid, don't worry. One person of that class must cast the ability. Note: If you have multiple of the same class, only 1 person can cast it.
Part 2: He puts detrimentals on the raid. If all of them are cured when he does a check, he will curse the raid which reduces potency. This is your choice, don't cure every single person in the raid, or deal with the curse that goes away. We do a mix of both. Find what works for you.
OgreBot Specific: Part 1 is handled, as long as the entire raid is using OgreBot.
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Re: Raid Information - Chaos Descending

Postby Kannkor » 13 Feb 2019, 22:23

Raid Strategies: Eryslai: The Emperyean Steppes [Raid/Mythic]
Raid and Mythic versions are combined into the same, since the strategies are identical, except where noted.

Tier 1: Baltador the Cursed
Strategy: By far, the most challenging t1 fight... I'd argue because no one understands how the fight works, OR, we understand how it works, and it's broken. Take your pick. The usable strategy is, over DPS it as hard as you can, so you don't die.
There are 5 stages. They are (the first 3 don't really matter and I can't remember them exactly): Breeze, Gust, Wind, Gale Force Wind (GFW), and Hurricane. These go in order, with each one getting stronger and stronger. The only one that really matters, is Hurricane. It hurts, bad. What is suppose to happen, is each set (of 5, one of each) is AE blockable. But if you block any of them, you can't block any more in the set. I say suppose too, because it just doesn't work this way. Brigands with their personal AE avoid show this very clearly. Their AE avoid is up 100% of the time, so in theory, they would block Breeze (the first in the set) each round. But this does NOT happen. They will avoid 2-3 in each set, but very rarely ever Hurricane. Other people who have avoided none (you can watch the detrimentals to see), will cast an AE avoid (such as tshell or bdance) while GFW is up, so it should block hurricane, and it won't block it, but then block breeze.
So, we tried AE blocking during Wind (or whatever is before GFW), and some times it would block GFW, then you would get hit by Hurricane.
Other times, we have had the same AE block, block 3 in a row.
The way we do the fight, is save any group damage reducers/death saves for hurricane. Things like Pact of Cheetah, Guardians Sentry Watch, etc. If people die, just res em and continue on. You may consider turning priest ressing off during Hurricane, as it can cause a cascading effect.
If someone actually figures out what is going on here, let me know. And I'm not talking about some crap about killing shaman pets because that makes it work 3.47% of the time.

Tier 1: Pherlondien Clawpike
Strategy: He puts curses on people, if they go low on power, something may happen? We've never done anything, not even our very first kill.

Tier 2: Rinturion Windblade
Strategy: He emotes and you joust. There's actually 2 of them, but you only fight 1 at a time. One goes immune, then hides, and the other comes out. They have a passive heal, that I believe includes while they are hiding. Once you kill them, they heal back to 35%'ish, and you have both of them. Kill them again to finish them off. This is a long boring fight.
OgreBot Specific: Campspot everyone, including tanks, and do a 'set up for'. Fight is automated.

Tier 2: The Avatars of Air
Strategy: There's 4 mobs, but only 2 matter, and really, only 1 matters. Smoke and Wind both Barrage, all 4 have an AE.
Smoke's AE puts a detrimental on you if you are within 40 meters, and you cannot cast. This happens every 20-30 seconds. Keep someone over 40 meters that can cure the rest of the group.
Once Smoke dies, the rest of the fight is nothing. Just 'tank and spank' them after.
Note: For Smoke, how we set up is: [Named] <max melee range> [raid] <max heal range> [priests] <max heal range> [Enchanters]
Then have your enchanters set to cure your priests, who then group cure. If your enchanters are getting hit with the nox from smoke, they are too close.

Tier 2: Elemental Masterpiece
Strategy: Appears to randomly pick an ability from the previous fight and cast it. Changes throughout the fight.
It feels like this guy should have been the first fight, since it's one at a time, then avatars is all 4 at once. IE: This fight is easily 10 times easier than the previous fight.

Tier 3: Guardian of Faal'Armanna
Strategy: Kill all the bees up to him, or they will all add. This is just over 100. Once you get enough DPS, just pull the named with all 100... but it will lag you.. a LOT. Anyways!
Pure DPS check. Every minute he drops a honey thing. If there are no more honey things left, you wipe. This is 11 minutes. If you have the resolve, this fight is actually very easy. The DPS check is very easy to meet.
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Re: Raid Information - Chaos Descending

Postby Kannkor » 13 Feb 2019, 22:30

Raid Strategies: Ragrax, the Sepulcher of the Twelve [Raid]
Raid and Mythic versions are combined into the same, since the strategies are identical, except where noted.

Tier 1: Uhhh...
Strategy: More on this later...
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Re: Raid Information - Chaos Descending

Postby Kannkor » 13 Feb 2019, 22:38

Raid Strategies: The Plane of Justice [Raid/Mythic]
Raid and Mythic versions are combined into the same, since the strategies are identical, except where noted.

Tier 4: The Seventh Hammer
Strategy: This fight requires, or is suppose to require 7 black adornments. However, it seems to bug out and not check for them at all some times (or the check was removed?).
At 95/75/50, everyone gets an innocent buff on them. The message you get is wrong. It tells you if you are innocent go blue, but that's wrong... Go to the red bubble. It will tell you, you have entered your plea. At this stage you can leave the bubble.
You can take a group to the GUILTY (blue) bubble, which will allow them to kill the adds off. If you do this, just keep them 10.5 meters away from the raid, or you they will get chain stunned until you move away.
This is actually a super duper easy fight.

Update: Mythic version is the same.
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Re: Raid Information - Chaos Descending

Postby Kannkor » 13 Feb 2019, 22:51

Raid Strategies: Eryslai: The Aether Vale [Raid/Mythic]
Raid and Mythic versions are combined into the same, since the strategies are identical, except where noted.

Tier 4: Xegony
Strategy: This fight requires, or is suppose to require 7 black adornments. This fight requires people to have a celestial air weapon made from Ore to damage Xegony.
There's 3 stages to this fight, plus a 2 concurrent parts throughout the entire fight. Lets start with the three stages.

Stage 1: "GUST" stage. She zooms from the center, to the outside, and back. If you are near her when she is doing this, you will be knocked 100000 miles away and slain. Don't do this. Stand in a fan and DPS her when you can.
Stage 2: "PULL" stage. You are fighting in a big box. Three walls will be up, and she will be at the spot where the wall is not. This isn't all that important at this stage. At one of the other 3 places where the wall is, claws will spawn. These claws will constantly pull everyone towards them. If you get to them, you are one-shot. So it's a constant running away from them. This stage you are really accomplishing nothing but staying alive.
Stage 3: "FAN" stage. She stands near the edge of the big box. If you cross the 'box', you will be given increments VERY quickly. Do not do this. (The increments are below). This is your primary DPS stage.

Concurrent 1: In the middle of the box, are 4 fans. If you are not standing in these, you are gaining stacks. The stacks do minor things to you, I believe health/mana reduction etc. You can clear the stacks during Stage 1/2, ignore them during stage 3, unless you go too close and get 50 within 1 second, then you should likely clear them.

Concurrent 2: Between 95 and 11%, she rotates a buff. Damage reduction of 50% of 1 kind of damage, and damage reduction of 25% to the other kinds of damage.
For example: 50% damage reduction to elemental, and 25% damage reduction to arcane, physical, and noxious.
At 11%, she gains ALL FOUR BUFFS. This means she has 125% damage reduction to all types of damage.
The fight from 11% to 4% (where tainted mutations can finish her) will take you as long as it takes to go from 100% to 11%. Has to be one of the dumbest mechanics they have added (it's possible there is a way to remove these, but we were unable to figure out how).

Concurrent 3: She has a minor passive heal. When you have very limited weapons, this just prolongs the fight, but it will be minor enough to not make a difference quickly.

While this fight isn't "hard", it is without a doubt, the most annoying fight of this expansion, hands down.

Note: Mythic zone is the same.
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Re: Raid Information - Chaos Descending

Postby Kannkor » 13 Feb 2019, 22:54

Raid Strategies: Doomfire: The Broken Throne [Raid/Mythic]
Raid and Mythic versions are combined into the same, since the strategies are identical, except where noted.

Tier 4: Fennin Ro
Strategy: This fight requires, or is suppose to require 7 black adornments. This fight requires people to have a celestial fire weapon made from Ore to damage Fennin Ro.
You are fighting on a 5x5 (25 block) pad.
Every (30s?) a random amount of pads, looks to be about 10, will start lighting on fire. 5 seconds or so later, they will lite on fire. If you OR Fennin Ro is in the fire, bad things happen. He heals for a LOT when this happens.

At 11%, he starts to heal, then something happens, I think a curse is cured, and he stops. Seemed like a pointless mechanic, that adds 30 seconds to the fight.

That's it. This is the easiest T4 fight.

Note: Mythic zone is the same.
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Re: Raid Information - Chaos Descending

Postby Kannkor » 13 Feb 2019, 22:56

Raid Strategies: Water (contested + Coirnav)
Water (contested + Coirnav)
I'll add these later

Raid Strategies: Castle Mischief [Raid]
(It's 4am... so it's possible I have some of this wrong... or a mob name with a strat wrong..)
And we're back to power drains going from 100% mana to 0%. Joy.
TRADEABLE patterns can drop, but as soon as you loot them, they are auto-unpacked that allows you to buy them (so, there's nothing tradeable about them at all.. but they do visually look and say tradeable).

Named: Rougad the Jokester
Strategy: Mobs were healing all over the place. I'm guessing you need to keep their health at a specific range with someone being lower or higher or something. We just kept fighting and kind of afk'd...

Named: Itty Bitty
Strategy: Honestly, no idea. He mana drained, knocked up, and did some other stuff. We just ignored it and ressed and killed. Clearly not the proper strategy...

Named: Maxima Kierran
Strategy: When people get ported into the jail cells, open them.
At 30%, the named will start spawning ooze. You just need to be away from it for a while before it touches you. We found being near the two staircases made it so this damage didn't hurt us.

Named: Linneas the Stitcher
Strategy: Hmm... I don't think any... or nothing I can remember.

Named (sort of?): Fluffy
Strategy: None

Named (sort of?): A Stringed Puppet
Strategy (On paper): People get an uncurable, if you are within 15 meters of people for the first 10 seconds, you AE pulse damage them. If you are OUTSIDE of 15 meters for the last 10 seconds, you AE pulse them. If you are within 15 meters of the named when it expires, you AE everyone.
Strategy (reality): Tank and spank him and do nothing what so ever.

Named: Fizzlethorpe Bristlebane
Strategy: Well, i don't think this is the proper strategy, I couldn't see any other way of killing him, so.. maybe it is. There's two parts to this fight. Adds, and emotes.
Emotes: He puts a buff on everyone in the raid, when you examine the buff, it tells you what you have to do. They are all emotes, such as: /cry or /flirt. It seems random to everyone each time, so you will have to examine it every time and cannot rely on anyone elses.
Adds: Three adds spawn every... 69 seconds (you dirty, dirty devs). 19 seconds after they spawn, they start spinning (you can visually see it, huge spinning swords and such). You want to be away from them, or they will knock you up in the air.
While someone said they are mezzable, since they spawn every 69 seconds, you would end up with a shit load of them (it was a 22 minute fight for us, mind you messed up the start, but still talking 20 minutes). During our tests, we had 9 adds up, and just decided to start over, as it would continue to increase, it's not a mez sustainable situation.
This is what we did. Go into the corner here'ish: 197.370117,-10.092280,79.176208
When adds spawn, stay here, they will (very slowly) make their way to you. Be killing them ASAP.
19 seconds later, when they start to spin, move to the other side of the room, around here: 199.331573,-10.147146,105.448547
You should be out of their spinning.
Rinse repeat doing the emotes and adds, and you will win.
OgreBot: Will handle the emotes for you, as long as the bot isn't paused.

My overall thoughts on this zone: Complete garbage.
First, if this is for low-mid tier guilds, good luck. The mobs are massive over tuned. We are MASSIVELY over geared, and two of the fights took us over 20 minutes. I can't imagine a real guild at this level could actually meet the DPS checks.
Secondly, loot - For the difficulty, the loot is worthless, since the mobs will only really be killed by guilds who are way past this.
Thirdly, loot - ONE boss in the entire zone dropped a pattern unlocker thing, which I fucked up because it says tradeable and isn't. I'll take the blame on that one... But there is ONE tier 3 mob in the zone, and he does NOT drop a pattern (maybe a chance?). Instead, he dropped 2 of each Ore. Sure, 2 of each ore is a super small/minor gift... but any guild doing this content likely has enough weapons to kill the gods, and any guild that doesn't have enough, likely can't kill him. If the ONLY thing in the zone for people past the resolve, is Ore, no one will use the zone (unless it gets nerfed hard). I think everyone had high hopes about getting 90 resolve armor (SUPER rare since it's 3 mobs on a 5 day timer), but instead we got a minuscule amount of Ore.
Lastly - Strategies - Some of the mobs, you are basically fighting the mob(s) for an hour straight, guessing to learn the strategy (I'm looking at you, Rougad the jokester). We fought it for 75 minutes before we were able to use what didn't work, to find out what worked. The "hints" were so worthless. It would let you spend 15 minutes getting the mobs low, then heal to full with a message, a mob (that didn't exist) was either too high, or low in health, causing it to heal. We kept the mobs within 3% of each other.. guess what, still healed. When the strategies are so vague, people just end up asking other people instead of trying to figure them out, in which case... which is likely why you're reading this post to begin with.
Lastly, for realz - Mana drains. We're back to having mobs that will drain your power to 0 every tick. Depending on your group make up, this means some people can almost never cast a single ability. Loads and loads of fun.
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Re: Raid Information - Chaos Descending

Postby Jarry0760 » 27 Feb 2019, 08:02

Thank you for Information!
We have a problem about Arch Mage Yozanni,we do it with 3grp.when add up,boss is about 92%ish,the damage "Surge: Afflicting Flames" going to overwhelm and start killing ppl,we even didnt start getting incureable curse ,do we miss something?
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