Donations: $$, plat, kronos

Donations: $$, plat, kronos

Postby Kannkor » 31 Oct 2019, 13:44

Lets backtrack real quick.

You pay a monthly (well, every 3 month) subscription for Ogre. This provides you with access to everything Ogre has, and development as time permits. Nothing is changing there. You still will continue to get everything. 100% of this money goes to me (Kannkor). (It's also used to pay for hosting etc, but that's not really the point, I'm saying that Pork does not get any of it).

Pork is my raid partner, and enjoys programming. The two of us come up with all kinds of new and nifty scripts. This year, 2019, we had a bunch. The biggest (IMO), was Instance Controller for automating zoning of zones. While on the outside it may seem like it was simple, it was just the ability to automate a couple of zones. However, it took months to get working "properly" and nearly bug free. We wanted to make it open source, so people could write their own and modify ones we provided. We wanted to provide tons of functions for people so they didn't have to worry about reusing or copy/pasting code. We had to rewrite the entire nav lib, which took likely 2 months itself.
Pork was paid in Thanks yous. Well, I'm sure I thanked him once, so maybe a "Thank you".

Between Pork and I, we maintained over 24 accounts, all with the current expansions and subscriptions. (We use 24 for heroics/raiding, then we have a few test accounts). We also play on Drunder, where there is no broker (well, technically there is a broker, but not players to actually have anything on there), and there are no kronos available there (same reason, no one buys them to sell them). There's also no way of "generating plat". Sure, mobs still drop their 13 plat when killed, but I'm talking real ways of generating plat, such as selling shinies, SLR, etc etc.

People have offered if there's some way they can donate to us, especially this year with the huge influx of additions added to Ogre (not just Ogrebot, but all the side scripts and such). I thought I would make an official post on how to go about it, and explaining the why etc.

100% of donations will be used for Everquest2 for Pork and I's accounts. (be: expansions, subscription time if we have no kronos etc). None of it will be used for Ogre (that's what the subscriptions are for).
If you wish to donate, we will graciously accept anything. The three that I can think of, are:
$$ (real life money): This will primarily be used for expansions, as expansion time is rough. 26 accounts * $40 expansions (assuming it's $40, they haven't announced it yet) is over $1000. If you wish to donate money, you can send it to my Paypal email address: - Since it would sending money, it shows differently in my paypal and is easily tracked to be distributed. If possible, we would like you to send Pork or myself a PM/DM on discord first ( ) so we can properly thank you!

Kronos - Used for subscription time. It takes 312 kronos per year to maintain our accounts (26 accounts * 12 months).

Plat - Because we're on drunder (as mentioned above), we cannot do things like Plat infusing, because we have no way of generating plat. If anyone has any drundered accounts, that have plat on them, we accept that also :) We don't even mind if it was duped plat!

Kronos/Plat - send Pork or myself a PM/DM on discord ( ), let us know what server, and we will log in an account to trade, then we request our account be transferred to drunder, and that's how we get donation.

We will NOT be tracking who gives donations. Every user of Ogre will still have the same access to every thing that Ogre has to offer.
Having said that, if you have a feature request, and would like to ask if we can "bump" the priority of it for a donation, that has been known to happen before. Just discuss it with us first, as we make no promises, because some projects (such as IC) isn't something we can knock out over night.

Thank you to everyone for your support and helping Ogre continually improve! And maybe, just maybe, a special thank you to Pork for everything he does for everyone.
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