Ascension Combos

Ascension Combos

Postby Kannkor » 07 Apr 2017, 12:28

This will be released with Ogrebot version 17.141.

On the Settings tab in Ogrebot, a new option [x] Auto Complete Ascension Combos has been added.
In short, this will try to complete any ascension combinations as they happen. It does NOT start combinations. That is up to you. Either via caststack or MCP. Your choice.

When an ascension ability is used, for example: Septic Strike, it will use Glacial Freeze if you have that ability and it is available. Likewise, now that Glacial freeze has just been used, anyone with Septic Strike available, will use it, since it completes the combo again.

Here are some tips/suggestions on how to best make this work. Along with some 'quirks'.
  • Any abilities you want the bot to use to finish a combination, do NOT put into the Caststack. You want it available when it's ready to combo.
  • Try not to 'stack cast' ascension abilities back to back if you want them to combo. Let me give you an example: You wouldn't want 1 toon to have Wildfire and Scorched Earth in the caststack right next to each other. You need to give the other toons a chance to finish the combo before you start casting another ascension ability. In this case, after casting Wildfire, you'd want to wait to see if anyone had Erosion to combo, before casting Scorched Earth. I don't really have a great suggestion on this at the moment, other than put a few abilities between your Ascension abilities if you are putting them into your Caststack. I may consider making a forced delay on ascension abilities to allow time. We'll see.
  • There is no communication about what ascension abilities people are casting. This means if you have multiple of the same Ascension class, you may use abilities at the same time as the other person and not get a combo. Using the example above. Lets say someone casts Wildfire, and you have 5 Geomancers with Erosion. They would all cast Erosion, but only 1 of them would combo. The other 4 would hit as normal, but not combo.
  • I HIGHLY recommend using the 2 set of purple adornments "Firmament of Growth". While I didn't specifically test to see how much difference it made, I only tested while using them and it gave ample time to complete these combos.
  • Not every single combination is currently working, but the majority of them are. Some abilities, such as Brittle Armor, give you no indication (that I can see), that it was cast. Therefore making it challenging to combo with. I can do it via the uplink, which would work for fully botted groups (to be added later).
  • These combos will work in fully botted groups, or as a single toon in a group (or raid).

If you find any combinations that aren't working, or have any suggestions, post them here.
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