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Postby Lothalin » 20 Nov 2019, 23:03

WIP - Statuses below

HoF - NO NAV, must start in or outside intance - working, needs refining.
Den - NO NAV, must start in or outside intance - first pass, not tested, will almost certainly fail on devourer because does not clear eggs. Need to come back to.
Blackscale - Working on next.
Nest - NO NAV, must start in or outside intance - working up till elevator.
Vault - not started
Not finished, but should get you all the way to last named.
(9.16 KiB) Downloaded 651 times
Works up till elevator to last named, unsure how to click this in IC atm.
(6.3 KiB) Downloaded 653 times
Working for me, but is still a rough work in progress. Could use lots of improvement but leaving alone for now to work on other instances.
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