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Ogre Reforge

Postby Kannkor » 15 Oct 2018, 00:09

Released on Development build!

Ogre Reforge is a new script created by Pork and myself.
It is designed to greatly assist in "reforging" your equipment.

This is a picture of the UI. Note, I was testing values on an old character, so some of the values in the UI may look a little off (you know, a character having 400 potency in total).

There is a lot going on here. There are two columns on the left. Reforge INTO, and reforge OUT OF.
Reforge INTO, is a list of stats with the values that you would like to hit. In this picture we have:
  • Ability Mod --> 2.3 Million (Yes... I was testing long values and it's not really realistic)
  • Casting Speed --> 1,100
  • Reuse Speed --> 100 (etc)
This tells the script that you WANT to get to these values, in this order of priority. (Which for argument sake, is a bad priority, you don't want ability mod like that first).
It will attempt to get your ability mod to 2.3m, then continue down the list. Unless the item isn't able to be reforged into ability mod (such as, it already has it), it will then try to reforge into Cast speed, up to 1100, etc etc.

Reforge OUT OF, is a list of stats with values that the bot is permitted to reforge out of, as long as they don't go lower than the posted value.
  • Reuse Speed --> 100
    Haste --> 200
    AE Auto -> 100 (etc)
This tells the script that it can REMOVE these values on items, up to the posted value. For example, there isn't any reason to go above 100 reuse (okay, in some specific cases there is a reason), so we will allow the bot to reforge out of any reuse that is over 100.
Likewise, we would like to keep Haste of 200, but anything above 200, it can reforge out of.
This list is NOT a priority list. The bot will always use the stat that makes the most sense to it.
In short, it will use the stat that will give it the best results, and does so, quite intelligently.
Here are a few examples: Lets say we wanted ability mod, and an item had 50 reuse, and 500 haste. It would know to reforge the haste, because it gives you more ability mod.
Likewise, lets say an item had 50 reuse, and 225 haste, HOWEVER, we only have 225 haste. The bot knows to use the 50 reuse, because 50 reuse reforges better than 25 haste (remember, we told the script to NOT go under 200 haste).

You can tweak quite a bit of these values to meet your needs, however, if a reforge script interests you, you probably don't really care. You want a cookie cutter generic option that does a "good" job, and not worry about doing a perfect min/max. We have included a 'load default' button, that does exactly that. Loads what I feel are some ideal goals for reforging. If you don't like them, you're welcome to load the defaults, then modify them as you wish, or just start from scratch and add whatever you want!

I actually did a twitch stream of me testing this, on my own toons! Feel free to watch it on twitch here:

Be next to a reforger
Type in console: ogre reforge
Click load default, or add stats manually.
Click start.
Brag to all your friends how amazing you are, because it took you 10 months to reforge your gear!
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