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Strat from Sam on IRC

Trak. Plant mob at center of room.
Stay ranged @ several meters.
Do not attack mob if 0m or you will get gaze (detriment that drains power).
Intermittently spores (det) hit and you will have to move 20m from raid.
Every 20% a golem comes out targeting tank.
Anyone but tanks need grab aggro so they don't aoe tank and thus moves mob.
Intermittently one of every class gets ported to an area where you have to kill a class specific add (bards, chanters don't get ported). Need to cure yourself.
Scouts need extra cure pots, malice potions, panchrest (ferrin bought).
@70% detonator adds appear from the tunnels.
Scouts need to determine which one needs to be killed.
The rest need to be mezzed asap.
Avoid all aoe abilities that damage them.
Failure results in a stifle arcane that drains mana and kills raid.
@50% mob becomes immune to damage.
You must activate a noxious cloud and then kill it to get a red buff that allows you to damage the mob.
Thus it is advantageous to put both MT and OT in the same grp because their scout will have priority in activating a mob.
Green golems appear that can only be damaged by summoner pets, so need two summoners to kill them.
If they do not kill them before next one pops, then the ones still alive become immune to damage. They will take damage after the new one is dead.
These mechanics repeat until mob is dead. Very intensive fight.
There is a tank swap that if failed will kill the tank.
Also the tank killing his add must look at the add to determine what stance he is in to kill the mob effectively.
Sometimes he is required to be in offensive stance or subtle strikes.
He too needs extra cure pots of different types.
In positioning Trak you need to position him close to the center so that he will eat a Frog.
Only multiple pulls will give you an idea of placement.
Someone get this info to Kannkor please.
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