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Ogre AbilityEfficiency

Postby Kannkor » 10 Dec 2017, 22:38

Ogre Ability Efficiency
This will parse your ability export, pull out the abilities you have for your level, and will output to a text file, the efficiency of each ability.
Usage: to load type: ogre ae
Into the console.

The abilities will be in a | delimited text file, which you can easily load into excel to sort/do whatever you want.
Files are located here: \Innerspace\Scripts\EQ2OgreBot\Ability_Efficiency\
Here is a sorted example:

This is basically telling us, from a pure damage point of view, what our cast order should be.
I'm going to ignore ascension abilities for the moment.

This means my cast stack would look something like this:
Dagger storm
Flurry of Blades
Spinning Flurry
Enfeebling Whirl
Thieving Essence

It will be up to YOU to take this data and make decisions with it. For example, Flurry of Blades and Spinning Flurry share the same reuse. Spinning is an AE, and Flurry is a single target. With this information, I would absolutely have Spinning Flurry above flurry of blades.
Another thing to remember, all of this information is based off of it being against a single mob. If you're fighting 3 mobs, then any AE will be 3x the efficiency listed here.
YOU will also have to decide how important debuffing the mob is, and how to implement them. This is for the damage aspect of abilities only.

This will ONLY parse offensive abilities. It does not try to parse PC buffs etc.

If something looks 'off', you should likely do some checking to make sure there isn't something odd going on. In this case, the one thing I would want to check out, is if Dagger Storm is really 3-9 times better than everything else? Well the answer is yes, it really is that good. But oddities like this should be investigated.

Abilities that have extra damage 'on termination' are included. keep this in mind if you are planning to use ID.
All DoT durations are assumed to run their full duration.
Beneficial abilities are not calculated.
Coercer's Psychic Trauma is based off of 5 hits. Why? Just because...
Unda's is not calculated at all.
Abilities that have a 'chance' to proc things, won't be correct, as it will calculate this as damage. For example, swashbucklers 'Sunder' ability is calculated as doing the intitial damage plus 1 round of the 'when damaged this spell has a 13% chance to cast sunder on target'
Swashbucklers Lucky Gambit - With an AA it has a duration of 15s and any time any combat or spell hit it will cast damage on the NPC. 1 round of this damage is calculated into the ability (if you have the AA)

It doesn't take into account any AAs that effect the crit bonus of abilities. But most of these are so old it doesn't matter. For example, an AA that adds 5 crit bonus to a specific ability is going to have nearly 0% impact.
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