Prelude quest

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Prelude quest

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The prelude quest rewards an item that grants you level 11 in one ascension class, and 3 25 day research reduction potions.

Begins by getting a letter in the mail, for freeport I had to go see Keliki outside the right side of the Arcane Science building. Qeynos you need to see Palurien in the red portal in the Concordium. She then tells you to go to Lavastorm to speak to Researcher T`Dylis, who is just inside the cave on the Lavastorm docks, if you take the bell.

From there, he pops out a portal that you click to take you to Runnyeye. You have to acquire 3 items from the zone, Fetish, Notes, and a Spellbook. The Fetish is a clickable item in a room to the left, with an occulist eyeball mob floating over it, little bitty room. /way 63, -15, 1 Exit that room and in one of the little alcoves in that big room is a forge with a spike next to it, that has the notes. /way 89, -15, -22 The spellbook is at the end in the room with the exit portal. /way 191, -15, -47

Take the portal, talk to Researcher T`Dylis. Sends you through another portal to Crushbone. You have to kill 15 enraged orc casters and destroy 6 corrupted shrines. Once finished find the exit portal.

Take the portal, talk to Researcher T`Dylis. Send you through another portal to Skyshrine, where you talk to Lendiniara. After your done talking to her, to her left is a sparkly scroll, click on it to pick it up.

Take the portal, which is in the center, talk to Researcher T`Dylis. Sends you through another portal to Kaesora. Replica of Tomb of the Venerated. At the end of the zone, right before you would go into the tunnel to face Chatizad and the priestess, theres the exit portal. To the left of the portal is a table with a book on it, click on the book, then take the exit portal.

Talk to Researcher T`Dylis, sends you through another portal to Silent City. Jump over the edge, and go to /way 103, -0.30, 464 to the climbable wall there. Climb up, and the spell book is partially buried in a big pile of rubble/dirt. Go back down the wall and take the exit portal to your left.

Talk to Researcher T`Dylis, who then tells you to meet him in Commonlands. Take a druid portal, or fly down to south of the druid ring, talk to Researcher T`Dylis who is at /way 621, -47, 258.. Go to /way 964, -20, 555. Click on the stones to enter the cavern. Follow him around until he stops before a pedestal with a scroll on top of it. Click the scroll, then take the portal to Greater Faydark. Researcher T`Dylis will be between the right hand two pillars of the combine portal. Defend him during the ritual, then talk to him afterwards. Bam, completed.
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