Zone Guide: Vex Thal: Edge of Oscuris [Challenge]

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Zone Guide: Vex Thal: Edge of Oscuris [Challenge]

Postby Kannkor » 10 Aug 2021, 14:22

Disclaimer: These forums and all information within, are designed for cheaters playing on the Drunder server, which was designed for cheating (botting).
If you plan to copy/paste this information, please give credit to those who gathered the information.
Credit: The vast majority of this information came from LostOne, and some from Kannkor. Special thanks to players from discord #raiding channel for providing information, primarily FoE.

Zone: Vex Thal: Edge of Oscuris [Challenge] (known as Den3)

Named 1: Atramonox
At 90/75/60/45/30/15 Atramonox has 100% reflect damage until you go into his room, find a "a summons of Oscuris", target it, use a HO (Heroic opportunity) starter on it from any class, which brings up the HO wheel with 4 requirements in any order. You need to have a mage complete it. You MUST be targeting the Oscuris (via direct, or via someone else targeting it), or it will not work. You also need to cast an ability that hits the mob. For example: The mage has a lightning bolt for their HO. Destructive Minds is a lightning bolt, but is a buff. If you use this, it will complete the HO but NOT remove the reflect, and you will need to start a new HO and complete it all over again.
Every 50 seconds (approx. it changes slightly, I think bulwark or something delays it) the mob will start casting "Tentacular Twirl". There is also a chat log message of: "gathers its tentacles for a Tentacular Twirl". It has 5 second casting time. At the end of the 5 seconds, you must be FACING AWAY from the named. If you do not, you die.
There's plenty of detrimentals on this fight, with a couple of them that if cured by anyone other than a mage, you die. So no priest curing to be safe.
Every 45 seconds (approx), you will get 2 curses. They have a 30 second duration. When cured, it spawns a mob "an inkling blotter". Killing this add will reset the priest's cure curse that spawned the add. For example, if you have two priests, priest1 and priest2. Priest1 cures the first curse, it spawns add1. Priest2 cures the second curse, it spawns add2. When you kill add1, it ONLY resets priest1 cure curse, since it came from them. Likewise, when add2 dies, it will only reset priest2 cure curse. This isn't overly important, just here as something we noticed.
There are other adds "an inkling", these place a minor detrimental on people doing small ticking damage, and give the named stacks that increase his offensive/defensive stats. Can kill them directly or AE them down.
In the room where the named spawns, will spawn "a shaded latcher". If you are near these (quite a large radius, like max casting range maybe?), they will "latch" onto someone, making it so you cannot move or turn (this is important for his Twirl). To remove this, you need to kill the latcher. (Fighting outside of the room is no longer possible, as there is a door now) It is highly recommended you fight the named OUT of his room, to avoid these. You may still get one when you go into his room to complete the HO.
Make sure you disable all cure type things. Such as Confront Fear (if you're using Glacial freeze). Bagpipes, Mana Cure, involuntary gift, shaman dogdog if you have curing AA.
Strategy: The Twirl (face away) is the most important thing. If you do not do this when it happens, you die.
AE the adds down (just make sure to kill the bolters before you get new curses).
When the named goes reflecting, go into his room, use a HO, and have a mage complete the HO. You will get a message that it was successful, then move back out of the room.
Make sure to wear anti-STIFLE belt adorns.
OgreBot Specific: Still in progress...

Named 2: The Bagagoogaz
Casts "Gazes" (uncurable debuffs) on random (I think? I didn't see a pattern) people. If you get 3 gazes, that person dies.
To remove the Gazes, you need to complete a HO on the named. You MUST have at least 1 gaze if you complete the HO, or that person dies. When someone completes the HO, their entire archtype has all their gazes removed. For example, if a ranger finishes the HO, bards as well would have their gazes removed.
The named will put 70 increments of a buff on himself, which decrease by 1 every second. When this happens SCOUTS have to run around and spawn three adds, "The Bag" "agoo" and "gaz!". These then need to be killed in that order (spells his name). If the timer runs to 0 OR you kill an add out of order, it's a group wipe.
Note: One of the gazes is a root, so make sure you priority scouts for curing gazes so they don't get rooted and unable to spawn these adds for you.
At 75(3)/50(4)/25(5)/10(5) he does a Blood of Luclin announce. He heals for 10% every tick, and does a lot of damage to the group. You need to move (#) of people to a "Rune of ___" that is active in his room, and click them at the same time. Doing so will disable his Blood, and you can continue on with the fight. Even with absolutely perfect timing on this, he will heal AT LEAST 10%.
He memwipes, has a frontal AE, and has the same little inkling adds that you AE down.

Named 3: Hunaga
Every 5%, Hunaga calls out an archetype and gets a buff on himself, and puts a detrimental on you.
The archetype he calls out can see an add, but no other archetypes can. This archetype has to complete a HO on the named, then a static field will spawn. That archetype goes into the static field, THEN the rest of the archetypes can see the add. (The archetype has to stay inside the static field, if you leave the field, no one else can see it again).
Once killed, the buff on the named is removed, and the detrimental he puts on you is removed. The staticfield will stay.
Once all 4 archetypes have killed an add, all the fields will disappear, then you rinse and repeat.
Strategy: Every 5%, ease up and do the HO and kill the ADD, then continue on. If you go another 5%, you will end up with the named having two buffs, you will have two detrimentals, etc. Continue going and you end up with 3.. or 4, and at that stage it's a bad situation. Handle the mechanics one at a time as they come.
He memwipes and has the same little inkling adds that you AE down.
By far the easiest mob in the zone.
Note: Some people have told me they just let the archetype kill their own add. Maybe this works for some, but those adds have a lot of health, and I feel like they would be there for 20 years doing it by themselves. To each their own, do what works for you.

Named 4: Aten Ha Ra
Adds: At 96% then at every 10% after (90/80/70 etc) an "Ebon Oscuris" will spawn carrying a weapon (Sword, symbol, hammer, staff). Around the room is a weapon hanging, you need to bring the add to the matching weapon. When the add gets close, he will glow, and you can kill him. If he is not glowing when killed, the person who dealt the killing blow will die, and the add heals back to full.
Curse: A player AND the named will get a curse on them "Avarice of Darkness". If you cure the player while the named still has his, that player will die. To remove it from Aten, you need to dispell him twice. His buff will fade, then you are free to cure the player.
Purple screen. A player gets a purple screen, and "becomes" one of the statues in the room. To remove this effect, a group mate needs to click him. The player with the purple screen will need to direct someone to where he is. Find a method that works for you, be cardinal directions (N.E.S.W), a "clock", etc. Whatever works.
Frontal. The named will cast "Fling". It has a blue cone you will want to avoid otherwise it does a lot of damage, KB, and stun.
Those are the easy parts of the fight... now to the challenge.
Starting at 90%, an NPC "Akelha'Ra" will spawn in the middle of the room. He has a bubble around him. This bubble grows in chunks. I call these units. It starts at 1, and will be the full size of the room at 5 units. You die at 5.
The named gets buffs throughout the fight, called "Words of ___". One for each archetype. If you examine the buff it will tell you which archetype it is for. To remove this buff, that archetype needs to finish a HO (anyone can start it, like the other named).
This may give you a message "You feel empowered by moonlight". This means you can talk to the NPC in the middle of the room and reduce the size of the bubble by 1 unit.
You will either get a success message "You sacrifice the Word of Moonlight, and your own power, to Akelha'Ra, to compress the Maiden's Eye." or if the bubble is already at 1 unit, a failure message "I accept your sacrifice, but it matters not at this moment in time!". In either case, you are not permitted to talk to this NPC again, until you get the empowered by moonlight message again.
Touching any "fog" will spawn an inkling. It feels like doing ANYTHING will spawn an inkling. Don't let these stack up too much, or you will be overwhelmed.

Once you get into things, you will likely die 95% of the time due to the bubble growing too large and dying. This means the HO's must be priority #1. If the named has a buff, HO it off and go click him to shrink the bubble. Do this ASAP every single time.
Avoid the blue frontal cone, Fling.
The rest of the mechanics just take a bit of practice, but ultimately are not the difficult part of this encounter.
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Re: Zone Guide: Vex Thal: Edge of Oscuris [Challenge]

Postby Kannkor » 20 Sep 2021, 15:37

Specific for Ogrebot. Thank you to Vinere for the write up.

Atramonox - First read Kann's Strat - Boxing Supplements - Repair before running setup, it will change your belt adorns. Also Disable CF, and Bagpipes on Bards or it will screw up the curing. If you have a fury, run Pact of Nature on the mage, so they can use Salve to group cure. This fight is all about timing. Pay attention to Twirl timer in HUD. As well latchers are 75 sec respawn, keep an eye on that. The HO happens at 90/75/60/45/30/15. If a Twirl/latcher is due within 20 seconds, hold dps, do those first, then trigger HO. If a twirl goes off during HO phase, you will die if it hits you, you can survive if you JOUST 30+meters away, so be quick. If a latcher pops during HO phase just hope it doesnt latch the archetype you only have 1 of. Repeat until done. (dont forget to reload bot after this dies to clear all the setup settings, and turn back on CF/Bagpipes)

The Bagagoogaz - FIrst read Kann's Strat - Boxing Supplements - First take a min to setup your bards Radar, you will want to filer out all the mess, and leave Show NPC, and Show MOB's on. Also I would highly recommend specing your bard to have Deadly Dance, it allows you to move while rooted. I also have a MCP key taht casts Fury Oh Shit Hot, and Reflexes for when the shields go up. I tank in the middle, pull named, hit position, and let the bot do the HO's. Around 1 min in you will get teh first set of bard adds, tab to bard, run around, try to spawn them in order. These adds happen every 2ish min after that. Bot should handle killing them. You will need to make MCP move keys for the runes. around 5% for me before runes pop, I hit deadly dance, and hit the move key for that set. Right as the shield/runes phase activates hit the oh crap key that uses reflexes/Hot, hit jump to make sure the moved toons are recognized on the pads, then hit the deactivate key.. soon as its deactivated call the toons back/position, and continue.

Code: Select all

Code: Select all
Obj_OgreMCP:PasteButton[OgreConsole,RuneDeAct,!c,-ApplyVerbForWho,@bard,Rune of Kel,Deactivate rune,-ApplyVerbForWho,@dps1,Rune of Set,Deactivate rune,-ApplyVerbForWho,@healer1,Rune of Dat,Deactivate rune,-ApplyVerbForWho,@enchanter,Rune of Raf,Deactivate rune,-ApplyVerbForWho,@healer2,Rune of Vin,Deactivate rune,-ApplyVerbForWho,@tank,Rune of Dax,Deactivate rune]

You can hack up the first MCP key to make 75/50/25 move keys.. its the first 3 at 75, 4 at 50, and 5 at 25

Hunaga - First read Kann's Strat - Boxing Suppliments - Currently the automated pathing on this mob isnt the best. I know Kann plans to work on it. Right now you need to be ready to temp up on moves(alternate cheetah, Fury Oh shit Hot, ect.) This fight is pretty much fully automated with the exception of making sure to temp up. Basically soon as the bot starts an HO cycle, be rdy to temp up. I have a couple MCP keys that stack things like quick tempo with emergency hot, or deadly dance with shaman oh shit ward. This fight is currently pretty dicy, but doable.

Aten Ha Ra - First Read Kann's Strat - Boxing Suppliments - This is likely the hardest mob I have boxed in a really long time. Its going to be highly random every pull, and never going to have a 100% kill chance on live. This is just how I do it. Run the setupfor_, th en run the AtenScript ill attach. The AtenScript will apply damage changing potions, as well as monitor fling. When Fling goes off, it will make the tank target Aten, and hit position. The second most importaint part of this fight, is paying attention to the fling timer. If you get caught moving during a fling, you are likely screwed. So pull Aten, a few seconds in the first fling will happen, good way to make sure teh script is working. At 95% and every 10% after that it will spawn the weapon add. Have Radar up and filtered just to show the weapon positions. Move and kill it, during this process teh first Purple Screen/ghost will normally happen. This is currently a pain, I have a couple QoL requests in, which might improve this if Kann gets time to do it.. right now its helpful if you can see all your toons(tiled) instead of stacked. So you can figure out which ghost is correct. After this, you have a few to settle down, and get rdy for the next add. Pay attention to fling timer.. also this is around the time the bubble will start. Just a hint, if an HO is running, try to let it finish before you do anything else. You will need those. When someone finishes an HO it will show in console who got the buff.. make a mental note, soon as the bubble grows, tab to that person and run them in to hail the guy in the middle, then resume. If its the tank, NoMove, then run tank in, and out.. Repeat.. GL.. in theory its not that bad, but in practise its a nightmare. UPDATE: Forgot bard needs inverters to do the curse dispel
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