HOWTO: Stack OgreConsole Commands in an MCP button

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HOWTO: Stack OgreConsole Commands in an MCP button

Postby Kannkor » 13 Sep 2016, 04:03

For me, it's pretty common to stack OgreConsole commands in a single MCP button. What I mean by this, is put "multiple MCP buttons" into a single MCP button.

There's hundreds of reasons you may want to do this, and as you think of them you can now do them. In this case, I'll use a recent one where I suggested someone do this and they didn't know how.
In Nizari on K'huthas, depending on your DPS, you will want to do the following: Do a 'set up for khuthas', have everyone disable AE's except the tank, and have everyone cast singular focus except the tank. We're going to cram all this into a single button for ease (and then you also won't forget to do it).

You have two options, do this via OgreConsole, or via IRC. Really if you aren't using IRC already for a specific reason, no reason to start now for this. I'll be covering OgreConsole method here, but IRC is identical (you just use OgreIRC instead of OgreConsole in the drop down).

Because we will be stacking commands, we have to know what to type in. And I don't expect anyone to know all the commands/syntax, but there is an easy way to figure them out.

When you make an MCP button and press it, the "command" goes into OgreConsole, you have likely seen this before. As a random example, if you had a bladedance button and pressed it, you would see something like this:
Code: Select all
!c -CastAbility All Bladedance

What about a SetUpFor__ button?
Code: Select all
!c -SetUpFor all test

And finally, the disable AE's... (this one is a bit more tricky to find out, and isn't really suited for this post).
It's 'UplinkOption_Change' on MCP. We get this using it:
Code: Select all
!c -UplinkOptionChange all checkbox_donotsave_dynamicignorepbae TRUE

Note: I'm only disabling PBAE's, not encounter nukes, Nothing is an encounter, so may as well use those abilities if they are in your caststack to use on single targets etc. Anyways!

Also, the "all" in these, is making everyone do them. For the singular focus and PBAE disable, we actually don't want the tank doing it. We have two options: notfighter (to designate not fighters) OR not:${Me.Name} which designates not the person pressing the button. I generally use not:${Me.Name} because if I'm ever running a non-tank group OR have two tanks in my group, this will handle it as expected. To each their own!

Now we want to stack all these together. It's actually quite easy.
Make an MCP button, with the 'select command' of "OgreConsole".
The !c part just tells the interpreter that it is a command it has to parse, and not a random message. So that is our first parameter.
Now, stack the rest! So this is what your parameter list should look like once done:
Code: Select all
Singular Focus

When you press it, you should get something like this. (Likely followed by 5 lines telling you each person disabled PBAE's).
Code: Select all
!c -SetupFor all Khuthas -CastAbility not:Kannkor "Singular Focus" -UplinkOptionChange not:Kannkor checkbox_donotsave_dynamicignorepbae TRUE

That's it. You can stack nearly unlimited commands into a single button. (There is a limit of how much text can be put into a Console, but I think that value is so high it's unlikely anyone would hit it). If you need to find out the "code command" to do it, make a regular MCP button and press it to see, like we did.

You will notice we never used quotes anywhere, that's because you don't have to. MCP handles adding quotes where it's required.
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Re: HOWTO: Stack OgreConsole Commands in an MCP button

Postby Kannkor » 24 Nov 2016, 22:11

Here is another example I get asked about.

What all do you click before leaving the guild hall?
For me it's simple, figure it out, and stack them into a single button, then you never have to remember ever again.

Before I leave the guild hall, I want a few things to happen.
1) Get a flag (I like everyone to have one, because it's only 1 inventory slot, and you never know when you will need one).
2) Rekindle heartbound
3) Use the flag

Likewise, once a day (or so), i want to click:
1) ToT pre-order buff (Altar of...)
2) KA pre-order buff (uhh... I'll look it up in a sec)

The reason I don't put both of these into a single button, is the pre-orders lock your character down for like 8-10 seconds, so using both is a 20 second delay for a buff that lasts 24 hours. Not much point.

As mentioned in the above post, to get the 'ogre console code', you make a button, press it, to see the code.
Here is the pre-order buff button:
Make a MCP button with the 'select command' of "OgreConsole".
Code: Select all

Here is the code for the flag stuff.
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Re: HOWTO: Stack OgreConsole Commands in an MCP button

Postby Kannkor » 25 Jul 2020, 07:57

How to modify checkboxes within OgreBot
The command we use is
Code: Select all
and the last thing we need is the name of it.

Open the file: Innerspace/Scripts/EQ2OgreBot/OgreBotUIXML.XML (this is the interface file for Ogrebot). You can right click and view or edit the file, doesn't matter. Just don't make changes, it will be patched anyways.

With the file open, search for the checkbox you see. Don't try to get fancy, just search for the text you have found in Ogrebot. For example: [x] Turn Off Attack. Search for "Turn off attack".
You should find this:
Code: Select all
<checkbox name='checkbox_settings_turnoffattack' template='EQ2OB_Checkbox_Settings'>
      <Text>Turn Off Attack</Text>

What we need, is the "name" of the box. In this case, it's
Code: Select all

Now we have all the information we need.

In MCP, Select Command: ChangeOgreBotUIOption
First parameter is ForWho, enter one in, or use
Code: Select all
if you wish to use the MCP ForWho
Second parameter is the name of the object we wish to modify.
Code: Select all

Third parameter is what do we want the value to end up as? TRUE (checked), FALSE (unchecked), or TOGGLE (just toggle it). Lets assume we want it unchecked. We would use
Code: Select all

Using the button we can see the following go to OgreConsole:
Code: Select all
 !c -ChangeOgreBotUIOption auto checkbox_settings_turnoffattack FALSE
which can be used elsewhere to stack or inside of a script.
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